The second step is to trust. Trust that you’ll find your way to where you’re meant to be.

You’ll also learn that you need to trust yourself that applying for the Disney College Program is the right thing. It’s easy to start to doubt yourself when you first apply because it’s scary to think about moving across the country to somewhere where you might not know anyone. Here are some things you should know before applying for the DCP!

This internship is geared toward networking with people around the world, helping to build your resume and creating life-long memories. The Disney College Program website features what the internship is about on the front page. There it gives you the chance to explore a wide range of internship opportunities, from the DCP to a culinary internship. Here you can also find out about the wide range of professional internships available. I do recommend checking those out as well, but I’ll explain the culinary and professional internships more in another blog post!

The DCP can range from being 5 months to 8 months, with opportunities to extend your internship up to a year from when you started. Typically, you will only work in one work location but if you extend you could be able to work in two different locations on property. You can choose from doing Spring which is 5 months, Spring Advantage which is 8 months, Fall is 5 months and finally Fall Advantage is 8 months. If you have a specific time you want to work at the parks, I recommend checking this website out which has great tips for when you should apply for the program depending on when you want to be there.

Timeline of program duration!
Timeline of program duration!

Next, you need to consider where you want to do the internship. There is a program location at Walt Disney World in Florida and another one at Disneyland in California. The WDW location is bigger and accepts higher rates of applicants and you have a wider variety of jobs available to choose from. Here, ample housing is provided to the applicants. The Disneyland location is smaller and only accepts a handful of participants each round. There is also less housing available and fewer job locations but you get to work where it all started which is pretty neat!

You will also need to think about what role (job) you would want to do while you were there! There are different roles available depending on where you choose to do your program. Some of these roles include merchandise, entertainment, attractions, and quick service food and beverage to name a few. Luckily, the DCP website does explain all the different roles available and what would be expected of you in each role. Check that out here! I would definitely recommend on knowing what you’d want to do before you apply, because they do ask you.

So trust yourself to know that you’ll find your way to where you’re meant to be. Maybe that means that you belong participating in a Disney internship! I challenge you to explore the websites given here and consider applying for the DCP. I promise you won’t regret it!

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