Pixie Dust

The third step is to believe in pixie dust. To me, these words, while so commonly used, help to perfectly describe what doing the Disney College Program feels like.

There’s a feeling you get when you walk into the parks for the first time. I had never been to Walt Disney World before I started my program, so that first sight that I got of Cinderella Castle was breath taking. Luckily, this feeling of being amazed when you walk into the parks never leaves, at least it never did for me. There are 4 main parks (plus water parks and Disney Springs) at Walt Disney World and 2 parks in Anaheim, Disneyland and California Adventure. The parks are constantly changing too so you are always experiencing something new no matter how many times you have been.

One of the pictures I took on my program of my favorite view of Cinderella Castle.
One of the pictures I took on my program of my favorite view of Cinderella Castle.     

No matter how old you get either, it is always fun to meet characters from your favorite Disney movies. There’s something magical about meeting Tigger or Tinker Bell. You are instantly transported back to your childhood which is probably why meet and greets are always so popular. Back when Anna and Elsa from Frozen first made their meet and greet debut at Princess Fairytale Hall at the Magic Kingdom their wait times were crazy! According to this blog post, the wait times were up to 230 minutes by midday! The good news is though, that wait time doesn’t really stand for the other characters. To me it seemed I could meet my favorites in under half an hour at most!

Besides the parks, you make lifetime friendships. On my program, I met four other girls who have become some of my best friends, despite living in different parts of the country now. I think that might have been my favorite thing about the program, was getting to meet so many people from around the world! I made friends who live in Australia, France, Canada, Mexico, Japan and more! So at least if I ever travel to those places I might have a place to stay.

The DCP is filled with pixie dust, you just have to believe in it. So try and incorporate some pixie dust into your life today, go watch a Disney movie or listen to your favorite Disney song! Make your day a little brighter!

Until next time!


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