How to Get Started

So far I’ve vaguely introduced you to different aspects of the Disney College Program. Now let’s get down to business!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I even included the sing along in case you wanted to join in.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Trust, there are a few things you need to think about before you apply to the program:

  1. What program you want to do: Walt Disney World or Disneyland
  2. What role you might want to do

Once you’ve decided that, the next step is to visit the home page and hit the Apply Now! button. Here’s the link directly to the application page. As of today, the applications are not open for spring yet, but they will be open late August through October. I recommend applying earlier in the recruiting season than later, just so you have more time to plan if you get accepted. Right now though, you can opt in to receive notifications of when the start dates are for the program.

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Once you have applied, you will be invited to participate in a Web Based Interview (WBI). The WBI is time consuming, so plan a good time to sit down and take it. Make sure you are in a quiet setting and, as strange as this sounds, make sure you are in a Disney mood! The first time I applied for the DCP, I wasn’t in a great mood and I think that showed when I took the WBI, because I didn’t move past that to a phone interview. However, the second time I applied I was in a great mood and was listening to Disney music, which helped I think! The questions that the WBI gives you a series of questions that gauges how you would respond to different scenarios. Word of caution though, they ask the same thing in different ways to see if you still respond the same. Try to answer as honestly as possible, but keep a positive spin on it! This article is a little old, but offers great advice for the WBI.

If you did well on the WBI, they will next invite you to participate in a phone interview! This was the most nerve wracking part to me because you would actually be talking to someone. You will be invited to select a time and day that will work best for you for a recruiter to call you to talk about your application. I recommend picking a day that is not very busy, as the recruiter can call before and after your scheduled time, so be sure to leave ample space before and after the interview slot. I also recommend again having a quiet space to be so you won’t be interrupted. If using a cell phone to do the interview with, make sure your phone is charged and that you have good signal. Remember to smile and be genuine, that will come across in the interview.

Some of what they will ask you will be about the top roles that you chose that you would want to do. I chose merchandise as my top role, so they asked me some questions about my experience in that role since I had some listed. Don’t worry if you chose lifeguarding but have never lifeguarded before. That won’t stop you from getting the position. They will also ask situational questions regarding what you would do in different safety situations, or if someone asked you where a character was or why they were leaving. Be creative in your answers, they like that! I also recommend at the end, as your interviewer some questions. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so that will help to leave a good impression overall as well.

So today, I challenge you, take that step and apply if that application is open! Take that leap and have fun with it!



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