What’s the Difference Between the DCP and a Professional Internship??

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In my recent blog post, Trust, I mentioned professional internships as another choice to participate in an internship program through Disney. Professional internships are different in that you work within a department at Disney doing a specific role rather than working on the front lines like most of the roles for the Disney College Program (DCP). These roles for the professional internships are more career related and could result in a possible job offer at the end.

There are many different roles that you can apply for for a professional internship (PI). Rather than applying only one time like you would do for the Disney College Program, you apply to each specific role that you want. You are allowed to apply for as many as you are qualified for. I highly recommend applying for any that catch your eye, especially if you’re not super picky about what role you want to do. PI’s can be extremely competitive and far fewer people are chosen for those roles than are chosen for the DCP.

Jobs are posted mostly in January-March for the fall internships and August-November for the spring internships. However, they do post jobs regularly so it is important to always check, especially if it is one that you really want. Some of the ones that are posted currently are:

  • Digital Analytics Professional Internship
  • WDI Creative Design Internship
  • WDI Estimating Internship
  • Decision Science Internship

Those aren’t at all exhaustive of what you can apply for. There are specific management internships, ones that work with the animals on property, the water parks, Disney Springs. There are so many to choose from. With PI’s, you get the opportunity to see more clearly how the company works behind the scenes and get the chance to be in charge of helping shape the future of the Walt Disney Company. While you can leave a mark with the DCP you are just there to work, network, and have a great time. The DCP is more laid back compared to the PI offerings, but both have definite benefits from participating. If you want to know more about the difference, check out this blog by Disney Internships & Programs. They go more into detail about the differences between the two!

While these may appear slightly cheesy, I do recommend checking out these stories that Disney provides with testimonials of people who have done PI’s. They are helpful for you to understand more what they are like and about! There’s an interactive player that lets you see a few different cast member stories.

So today, I challenge you to check out the offerings that the professional internships have to offer. These are really great opportunities, especially if you are close to graduating college! Have fun and remember to keep an open mind about any role that you might come across, one that might not seem right might end up being a perfect match!

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