Where should I live??

If you’ve decided to do the Disney College Program, you probably have a few questions. Where will I be staying? What apartment complex is the best? Should I bring a car? Don’t worry, I’ll try to explain some of this as best as I can.

Depending on if you do the DCP in Florida or California, there are going to be a few different living options. You have more options for living in Florida and fewer in California. For Disneyland, there is really only one living option that you have that is sponsored by the DCP. This place is called Carnegie Plaza and offers studio, 1 and 2 bedroom options. You will have up to 3 people per bedroom, especially since there is only one living complex. In California, you can live off property and is encouraged if you have family or a place to stay close by. The Disneyland resort is only 2 miles away from Carnegie Plaza, so there is no transportation provided for the participants but bus passes are available for $1.

In Florida, housing is a little different. There are four different apartment complexes that you can live in as well as having the option to live off property. The first is Patterson Court which is where I stayed during my program. There are options to have 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments in this complex with up to 3 people in a room. I personally lived in a 3 bedroom and we only had 2 people per room, which was nice. For mine, each room had their own bathroom and we all shared the kitchen and living room. It is not guaranteed that you will have your own bathroom though. The laundry room is located outside and shared with the complex. Patterson is located near to the bus stop that takes you to work and other locations.

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The pool at Patterson Court

Next is Chatham Square which conveniently has the bus stop right outside of the complex. This one has the option for 1-4 bedrooms in each apartment. The ones that I saw, some had their own bathroom in the bedroom and the other bedrooms shared a bathroom. This complex was nice and also hosted a lot of the events that the Disney programs put on. If you take classes, some of the classrooms will be located here. Here the laundry rooms are also shared by the whole complex.

The Commons are the nicest apartments in my opinion. They can also be the most expensive. These have their own washer and dryers in the complex, which is nice. Here you share the bathrooms as well and there can also be 1-4 bedrooms. This one has its own bus stop but only certain roots pick up and drop off here. For others you have to walk to Chatham, which is about 5-7 minutes away. There are outlet malls located right by the Commons which is nice to go clothes shopping at or to get shoes for your work location.

Finally, Vista Way is the party complex. Or at least that’s the reputation that it has. This either has 2 or 3 bedroom options. When I was on my program, they were in the process of remodeling some of the apartments, but this complex is the oldest one there and has been in use by the program for the longest. There you do have your own bus stop and is located right next to a Walgreens which is convenient. I personally wasn’t a fan of Vista Way, but if you want a social complex, this is the right one for you.

As I’ve touched on, there is transportation available for Florida but none for California. In California it is recommend that you bring your own form of transportation. In Florida, you can get away without it. However, it can be nice to drive to work or to other areas of Florida. Two of my roommates had cars, so it made trips to the beach much easier. If you are considering bring your own car, just be ready to be the chauffeur most of the time. If you have a car, it has to have up to date insurance that you can show proof of.

Check out the different options that there are! There are pictures available online or the Disney websites that offer a lot of information. And there are plenty of other blogs about the same thing who might explain other details about the apartments. Don’t be afraid to do your homework, it will pay off in the end!

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