Friends Are Your Ohana Away From Home

Moving across the country can be a terrifying thing, especially when you don’t know many people where you’re moving to. Whether you chose to do the Disney College Program in Florida or California, more than likely you will be far away from home and won’t be familiar with the area. When I chose to do the CP in Florida, I had never been to that state and didn’t know much about the state expect for alligators and all the crazy news stories that came out of that state.

I was also nervous to do the CP because I was worried about making friends. Boy, was I wrong though. I was lucky enough to move to Florida with a friend of mine and we were going to be roommates so we at least had each other when we started. But many people head there without knowing anyone as a chance to start new. There’s nothing wrong with that either!

When you first start the program, you will be placed with roommates. These roommates will most likely become good friends, especially at the beginning. Even if you don’t get along that well, it is nice to have built in people who are willing to explore the parks and the area with you. Once you get to your work location, you will meet other CP participants that you will probably become closer with than your roommates. I was lucky to be friends with both my roommates and the people that I worked with. I absolutely loved both groups of friends and I am still super close with my work location friends. In fact, we just had a reunion not too long ago back at the parks.

My word of advice, is surround yourself with people who will make you happy while you’re there. You decided to go for a reason, so don’t waste it by surrounding yourself with people who are toxic and make your time less magical. When you do find those people who you love, keep them around. Take lots of pictures! One of my favorite memories was doing the four parks, 1 day challenge with one of my roommates. It’s the little things that help make the program so special but it’s even better when you do them with friends you love. So if you’ve recently decided to do the program, find others who are doing it at the same time as you! Reach out because you never know if that person might end up being one of your best friends for life.

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