Taking Classes During Your Internship

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One of the perks, besides free entry to the parks, is the ability to take classes while doing your internship. Some you will take at Disney University, but most will be held at one of the apartment complexes for the CP’s. There are many different ones to choose from, including seminars about different areas of Disney. The classes you can take can count for college credit but the seminars are just for your own benefit and offer networking opportunities

The classes are great, especially if you are able to count the DCP as an internship through your school. You then have the opportunity to replace a required course for your college with one that you take at Disney. I don’t remember the exact cost of the classes, but I remember it being significantly less than a class would have cost through my college. I do recommend getting this internship approved before you leave so you can count it for credit. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the DCP counted at my college but other students were, which is great! Check with your college on how you can do that.

But the classes you can take span a wide variety of interests. The following classes were taken directly from the Course Syllabi website:

  • Disney Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management
  • Disney Corporate Analysis
  • Disney Corporate Communication
  • Disney Creativity & Innovation
  • Disney Human Resource Management
  • Disney Organizational Leadership

I personally took Corporate Communication. You learned how to communicate professionally in a business world which is something that does come in handy!

The seminars are extremely interesting, though you do not get credit for them which is the only downside to taking the class. (I took one at 8 am and even though it was so great, I couldn’t get myself up in time to attend as regularly as I had to. Oops.) The Disney Heritage course is the most popular one as it is all about Walt Disney and the history of the company. This one is difficult to get into so I recommend signing up as soon as you can!

I highly recommend checking out the classes if you’re interested or already going to do the DCP. But first, make sure your college will accept the classes so you can get credit for the work that you put in!



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