Fun Things to do at the Parks

Aside from visiting the parks and enjoying the attractions, there are many other fun things to do! When I was on my program, I liked to enjoy the little things that you might overlook if you were only there on vacation for a short time. There are things to collect or experience that you might not have known about.

One of my favorite things, and something that I still do outside of Disney, was to collect pennies. These make for a cheap souvenir and there are so many to see. They only cost 2 quarters and a penny, which you get back at the end to keep. They also sell books that you can keep your pennies organized in! I personally liked to carry around a small coin purse with only quarters and shiny pennies so I was always able to get ones that I really wanted. There are even websites that will show you the locations of the different penny presses and what prints there are! That one comes with a handy pocket guide that you can print out or you can always download it onto your phone and just look on there.

Smallest Hidden Mickey

Another fun thing to do is to look for the hidden Mickey’s all around the parks. That was always a fun thing to do with some friends, especially searching for the hard ones. When the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights (RIP 😦 ) was still around, they had so many hidden Mickey’s to find within the lights. Searching for those is one of my favorite memories from my CP. Of course, there are others all around the parks. I worked in Adventureland on my college program and we boasted the smallest hidden Mickey in the parks which was located outside of Agrabah Bazaar. I loved pointing that out to kids and adults alike. There are books you can buy that will show you the locations, or you can scout them out yourself. Either way, you’ll always find new ones!

Of course, there are always characters to meet as well! Fortunately, the guide maps that you can pick up as you go into the parks will have the locations of the characters that you can meet. The best thing is that while there is photo pass available, if you want them to take pictures on your phone or camera, they will and it’s completely free! That way you can have your memories on your phone instantly. Some of my favorite moments from my college program come from meeting characters, especially when they are unique interactions. In Hollywood Studios and Epcot, they do things called Character Palooza (I’ve also heard different variations of the name) where if you’re at the right spot at the right time, you can meet up to 10 characters, some of them rare. These are great because they only let a certain amount of people into the meet and greet area, so you get the chance to meet all the characters there without too long of lines. I got to meet the famous Mickey and Minnie together at once!


I highly recommend finding little things like these to do on your program. They makes the parks more enjoyable and that way there’s always something new to do or find! Try to find a Character Palooza next time you’re in the parks because I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

Smallest Hidden Mickey Photo Credit


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