Park Spotlight: Magic Kingdom

In the fourth installment of the park spotlight series on my blogs, we have finally reached my favorite of the four Florida theme parks. Magic Kingdom was my home while I was on the college program and the park where I honestly spent the most time. This park helps you believe in magic and transports you back to the days of your childhood. It is easy to pretend (or not pretend) to be young in this park.

There is so much magic contained in this single park. This is what people think of when they think of Disney, they think of the beautiful Cinderella Castle. This is one view that I never got sick of. The castle always found a way to take away my breath.

While I was there on my college program, I worked in Adventureland. Though this land may be the smallest (aside from Liberty Square), there are still so many amazing things there. Of course, you have the Jungle Cruise where you can see the famous backside of water and Pirates of the Caribbean where you can learn to sail the seas. I absolutely loved Adventureland and I am so grateful that I got to work there.

One of my other favorite areas of the park was Liberty Square. This area is simple and does not feature much attraction wise, mostly the Haunted Mansion (don’t let a ghost follow you home) and the Hall of Presidents (the best place to take a nap). But there was something relaxing about this area and I loved the music that they played here. This was also one of my favorite areas to work in as well.

In Magic Kingdom, you have many of the famous attractions that people think of when they visit a Disney park. Including the ones mentioned above, you also have Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. One of the newest additions is also featured there, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which is such an amazing ride. The animatronics on it are state of the art!

If you want somewhere amazing to eat, I highly recommend getting a reservation at Be Our Guest! This restaurant is set inside of Beast’s castle and is themed to rooms from the movie. My favorite is the grand ballroom where you can eat beside windows that have snow falling. Here you can meet the famed Beast, one of the only places you can meet him!

There are so many things to do in this park. It can easily be a multiple day park. Next time you’re there, I challenge you to take a second and really admire all the details put in to the park. You’ll see something new every time you go!

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