Park Spotlight: Animal Kingdom

When I first started my program, I honestly didn’t enjoy Animal Kingdom that much. It wasn’t until I started exploring more and really took my time there that I appreciated what this park had to offer. There are so many little details and hidden things that most guests look over when they go to Animal Kingdom.

Right now, Animal Kingdom is the center of attention with the new Pandora- The World of Avatar section coming to the park. This new area is going to feature bioluminescent fauna and many things that are “authentic” to the world of Pandora. The bioluminescent fauna is what I am super excited about because I have heard rumors that the fauna will light up when you touch it which is so Disney. There are also going to be two attractions added to Pandora. One that will be a flying type ride simulating riding on flying creates of Pandora and another that features a canoe ride through the flora and fauna of Pandora. I can’t wait to visit this new area!

With the addition of Pandora, Animal Kingdom should hopefully pick up in popularity. This park is often quoted as a “half-day” park because you can get mostly everything done there in less than a day. However, if you really take the time and explore, you’ll find so many great things. One of my favorite things to do is to  visit the jungle trek’s that the park offers. Here you can explore an authentically themed trail that lets you visit with animals such as bats, tigers, and gorillas. I personally love visiting the meerkats!

Of course, there are the two main attractions (in my opinion) to visit, Kilimanjaro Safaris and Expedition Everest! The safari is great fun because you get to ride in a truck and see animals in their natural habitats. They seem to get so close to the truck sometimes you can touch them! And as for Expedition Everest, this has become possibly my favorite ride to go to in all of Walt Disney World! Just watch out for the yeti!!

As far as food goes, I absolutely adore the Yak and Yeti quick

Egg Rolls and Chicken Fried Rice from Yak and Yeti

service location in Asia. They have by far the best egg rolls that I think I have had in my life. I have dreams about these egg rolls and they are always a first stop when I visit Animal Kingdom! The chicken fried rice that they offer at this location is a must have as well!

Whenever you next go, or go for the first time, to Animal Kingdom, I highly recommend taking your time and exploring. If you actually take your time and check out everything Animal Kingdom has to offer, you can make more than a full day out of it! And definitely, get yourself an egg roll!


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